Old school Dragonlance campaign

Red Box campaign

Last time
To re-cap past events… Polaris was attacked by goblins when hitching a ride on a merchant’s wagon. The merchant was shot in the shoulder, but Polaris cast a magic spell and scared off the attacking goblins. As the goblins ran away, a mysterious rider was spotted on horseback at the top of the hill. Unfortunately, the goblins made off with a valuable box owned by the merchant. Polaris decided to help the merchant out by hunting down the thieving goblins and retrieving his box. She attempted to climb a clif in pursuit of the goblins, but found it to be a difficult task for a wizard in robes. After a few tumbles, she finally made it to the top; right into the clutches of 4 goblin minions. She wasted no time in catching her breath—-she immediately cast burning hands. In her haste, she missed the goblins, but still hit them with a few flames—-enough to put them out of the fight.

Black Rabbit, who moments ago was investigating the merchant’s wagon and picked up a five-finger discount on some hand crossbows (he’s always wanted a pair) , was distracted by the sound of explosions up on the hill. Being curious, Black Rabbit went to investigate. What he found was a female wizard fighting off three goblins, with one dead at her feet, still smoldering from the last spell. For reasons only known to himself, he decided to join the fight against the goblins.

After a brief fight, the two strangers emerged victorious. They proceeded to enter the cave to explore the caverns, but decided that they needed to get some rest before pursuing the rest of the goblins. Besides, neither of them were quite sure about the other. They setup camp outside of the goblin caverns, and away from each other, and rested for the night, periodically hearing wolf howls, seemingly getting louder and louder.

Their dreams were filled with an ominous dream, where they were battling wolves and goblins at a crossroads. After killing one goblin, the rest simply overwhelmed them. First Black Rabbit died, followed shortly by Polaris.

They awoke with a startle, woken by the sound of a pained growl. Looking at each other, from afar, the pained and desperate growling continued from behind the trees.

They find a bear in a leg trap, trying desperately to get out. The bear is freed and becomes a follower.



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